Saturday, April 13, 2013

Journal Page 12

For this page I wanted to really add depth to the page.
I used some cardboard, cloud scrapbook paper along with vintage stationary scrapbook paper. 
The window was created by using scraps of cardstock and some Tim Holtz wings. 
I stamped the quote in walnut stain and distressed the paper with it as well. 
For the cardboard I dusted it with some acrylic white paint. 
The quote
"The soul should always stand ajar."
~Emily Dickinson
To me this page resembles our past experiences and memories.  
Throughout the years we experience so many memories some great ones others not so good. 
To protect ourselves sometimes we just push through those not so good memories and "bury them" (like the lost letter) without realizing that we are closing off a part of our soul.  Our body, the home for our soul (cardboard) begins to break down.  If we can keep our soul ajar we will realize that opportunities (window), brighter days (sky), and loved ones (the wings), will always be with us.
My wish for you is to always keep your soul ajar, and if by chance you close it off you have someone there watching over you to help you open it back up.

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