Saturday, March 30, 2013

Journal Pages 6 & 7

This journal page means alot to me.
For this page I did a rainbow background using the Tim Holtz distress ink pads and the flick technique for the water marks.  The rainbow represents the joy that my boys bring into my life.
The hands are from my boys. 
I had them go through all my stamps and pick the ones that they liked the best, then they picked the inks and even the placement of where we placed them.
As you can see my oldest is really into the clocks, nature, and music.
My middle son (left) likes nature,writing/drawing and the color gold.
With my youngest (right), he loves cars, birds and acorns. 
The quote for these pages, are
"You never know when you are making a memory" 
This is so true, as I was shown when I did this project with them. 
My boys recited different adventures that we had went on,
memories that we had made
and moments shared.

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