Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hip Hip Hooray!  My computer is finally back.  We are still working out a few issues but at least I am able to get back to blogging!  While I was away I kept myself busy working on a few non card related projects!
I saw something like this on Pinterest and figured it would solve my issue of all my necklaces getting tangled and me forgetting which ones I had!  So to make this, all I did was take a piece of scrap wood, figured out my spacing, said a prayer and grabbed my hubbies drill.  Yes I know a lot of you are not intimidated by power tools but I am not one of them!  LOL  Needless to say I conquered my fear and succeeded in drilling all the holes that I needed.  Next, I painted it black, sealed it with some clear sealant spray and waited.  A couple hours later I was ready to begin screwing in all the hooks.  After I finished with that I decided it just needed something else.  It looked a bit bare and modern which is not my style so off to the craft room I went!  A few seconds later I had found my hero arts vintage lace and runner adhesive.  Let me tell you I lucked out because I was able to just hook the lace through the hooks on the bottom so I only had to use the adhesive for the top section of lace.  I love the way it turned out! 

This is the second project I worked on.  I had this shadowbox just laying around, so I decided it would be perfect to display my bracelets.  I took some thick cork, and attached some scrap fabric and batting to it with staples.  Then  I just nudged the "pillow" into the shadow box.  I did not glue it in because I may want to change the fabric later on down the road.  A few white pins holds the bracelets in place.  I love how my two projects are decorative and yet functional at the same time.  They may not be cards but hopefully I've encouraged you to face your fears and try something out of your comfort zone.

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