Friday, September 13, 2013

Wedding Memories

Today my husband and I are heading out to celebrate our 16 years of marriage.  I believe that we have been able to stay committed to each other because of all the wonderful examples we have had of true love around us.  Back in October I lost my grandfather and as we were shuffling thru pics we came across a very distressed looking wedding photo of him and my grandmother, I believe it is the only one they have so I took it home, scanned it and went to work "fixing it"  Recently I decided to do a bit more with it....this is what I came up with
First off I just have to ask....Are they not the cutest looking couple?  My grandfather looks like a handsome, bad boy while my grandmother looks flawless.
I started off making this 5x7 card using dark brown cardstock and added a lavendar layer.  For the edges I took decorative scissors and trimmed the corners.  I did that as well for the 4x6 picture.  I really like the way it gives it a bit of an art deco look.  To carry on with the era, I put a bit of netting along the edges (resemble her veil) and held it down using a pearl (honor of her necklace and bracelet) and a small metal tag that says adore.  I wanted a bit more dimension so I used foam tape on the picture as well as the beautiful heartfelt creations flower.
To create the flower,
Stamp flower images one time each in vintage photo ink, line up with the flower template, tape die on and run thru cuttlebug. Color flower with lavender ink. Spritz with water and "distress" to give a crinkled aged look. Once dry build your flower. You may add a bit of brown ink to age it more. Attach pearl to the middle.
As I sign off, I just want to say without these two individuals showing me that love is not always easy, a marriage does take work at times and if you remember to care for each other you will have many years of happiness.
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for always being there and to my wonderful husband...
Happy Anniversary, I look forward to the next 16 years!

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