Saturday, May 11, 2013

Journal Page 16- Art Washes away

This weekend we are celebrating Mother's Day, with that comes Mother's Day projects. 
My two youngest sons both answered questions about me. 
Needless to say my love of crafting came up on both of them!
I had to laugh as one commented on the best gift he could give me
would be buying me the last craft item that I need........ silly boy he has yet to realize that they are always creating something new that us crafters need!  LOL
So the journal page is a reflection of what my "crafting" does for me........
For this page I did alot of layering with inks.  I also swiped a bit of white paint on it and added a bit of silver mica flakes.  For the tag I grunged it up a bit and also the ribbon. 
The quote "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.  ~Picasso
For me that translates to wiping away the stresses of everyday life.  We all have them rather it be work, family, or finances. If left unattended they can clutter the soul. Everyone has their "stress buster"  for me it is creating art. 
The "messy" background represents the stress,
the white paint represents the wind or act of "dusting"
and the mica flakes are bits of the stress flying away.
So for this Mother's Day I sent to you a happy well deserved break from all your stresses.  May you enjoy your day.

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